Friday, March 29, 2013

Loose Change

As the Rolling Stones sang, time is on my side.  As the years progress, I find more and more autographed cards finding their way into discount boxes at card shows.  Just Minors, Royal Rookies, Best, and maybe the occasional Leaf Signature card.  Granted these are never anything earth shattering in terms of players or sets.  But it's an autograph.  For fifty cents. 

While digging through a 5/$1 box at a recent show, I was surprised what sat before me.  In an otherwise unsuspecting box of unnumbered inserts from the last couple years was a nice, shiny card with some writing on it.  And not the kind of writing that you find in the discount vintage boxes.

More like this kind....

Brendan Harris isn't exactly a player who set the world on fire.  And I suppose it's perfectly reasonable that his autograph isn't worth much more than $.20.  I hit this table near the end of the show, so I'm more than a few people came across the card and kept on going.  In fact, there were actually two copies of the card. 

But Brendan Harris was a major leaguer who had a nice career as a utility infielder for almost a decade.  Not a scrub auto by any means. 

But that's the fun of digging through boxes: you never know what you might find.  And while I doubt many collectors would get excited over this card (maybe some Cubs collectors or Brendan's mother), it will slot in nicely among my autographed odds and ends. 

Did I mention it was twenty cents?!?!

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