Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mail Call

Nothing makes a mailday more exciting than the mystery of a TTM envelope.  I don't send to many current players, instead sticking to high-percentage retired players.  The results have been both adding some great looking signed vintage, but also learning about some less well-known players of yesteryear.

Danny Darwin spent over 20 seasons in the majors, including half a season in Pittsburgh.  This Boston card is a bit of an oddball piece, since Darwin spent the vast majority of his career pitching for the Texas teams.  Whenever possible, I like getting autos in unique uniforms or teams that a player didn't spend much time with
This Cameron card definitely falls into that category.  His exciting defense and speed/power combo made Cameron one of my favorite players to watch during the 00's.  His time in Florida was less than memorable, but I love this photo with the Wrigley ivy in the background.

 I honestly knew little about these guys before picking up their cards.  From time to time I'll pick up low end vintage lots, keeping the Pirates and cards of good ttm signers and sending the rest on to good homes.  The Astros have had some of the most interesting uniforms throughout their relatively short history, and have gone through an impressive rotation of unis over their history.

 I have a few Larry Bowa cards signed from his tenure as Phillies manager, but found this rookie card in a quarter box.  I've never been a big fan of getting the multi player cards signed, but I'm happy with the way the card turned out.

Jones and Wynn are two superstars who have perhaps lost a big of recognition over time.  For the price of a couple stamps, I can't pass up the opportunity to add their autos to my collection.  I had a tough time tracking a card for Too Tall.  I thought he might be in some recent football sets, but never came across his card in a dime box.  I finally found this nice vintage copy in a 3/$1 box, and it was out in the mail the next day.

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