Friday, September 20, 2013

Into the Archives, Pt 2

When you reach the point where you have more autographs than you can remember having, it probably means you have too many cards.  But on the bright side, it also allows for some great opportunities to enjoy and re-enjoy your collection. 

Matt Williams was one guy I really enjoyed watching in the late 90's.  His star had faded significantly from his time in San Francisco, but he managed to be an underappreciated piece on some really good teams.

I was really happy to get his auto TTM, and he signed a Dbacks and Giants card for me to cover the biggest stops on his journey.

 Sometimes you catch guys on their way up, other times on their way down.  Jeff Torborg had been recently fired as manager of the Marlins when I got this card signed.  It didn't seem like that much of a stretch that he would land himself another managing gig after that.  Instead the Marlins would go on to win the World Series in '03, while Torborg would stay out of the dugout for good.

Meanwhile, I got this auto of Terry Francona before he was a World Series manager.  He was a pretty good signer at the time, but I guess winning a World Series or two in Boston can change your signing habits.

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