Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Into the Archives

 TTM returns have slowed to a crawl since the move.  I think there has only been one return this month.  But while the new mail is slowing down, I came across scans from some of my earliest TTM returns, mostly from 2004-2005.  Some are truly exciting, while others...don't quite stack up so well 9 years later.

First up is this entrant from The Mad Hungarian.  Those powder blue Braves unis are painfully bad.  Adding in the secondary red color was definitely a good decision.
 This Carmona auto looked like an absolute gem for a couple years, even with the finger print at the end.  For a while he looked like an ace in the making.  Now...well, it's still an auto from a decent major league starter.
 Joe Niekro was an obscenely common autograph until his untimely passing.  Now I wish I had sent to him a couple more times, since he was one of the best TTM signers around, and played for a great variety of teams.
 Rich Amaral was one of my favorite Mariners of the 90's, and I absolutely love the '94 Pacific design.  He has a really neat, clean autograph that really looks fantastic on the card.

And finally Ron Gant was one of the underrated power hitters of the 90's.  While the rest of the league exploded in power, he seemed consistent (and perhaps non-roided?) in his clout, but it paled in comparison to the crazy home run totals being put up.  Definitely a cool auto to add to the collection from one of my favorite Topps sets.

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