Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mail Call

 Some more mail, including my first return of the seaon from an active player.  Lowrie has shown nice pop for a shortstop, and has been signing pretty consistently this season.  Definitely a nice signature to add.

I loved Don Baylor's Rockie teams in the mid 90's So of course Topps decided to stop making making manager cards those seasons.  But the 87T is a nice consolation prize.
 Brooks Kieschnick was a top prospect, who went the anti-Ankiel route, converting from position player to pitcher.  He played a dual role as pitcher/pinch hitter for the Brewers for a couple seasons.  I'm hoping I can tack down one of his Brewers cards featuring him on the mound at some point. 

I forgot how much I liked the 97 Stadium Club set as a kid.  I may have to take a crack at putting it together one of these days.

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