Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now Pitching...

 It's always interesting to see who signs TTM and who doesn't.  Whether it's the guy that was impossible to get during his playing days who suddenly decides to start his stacks of mail once his schedule frees up, or vice versa. 

One thing I've noticed in my years of ttm mailings is that it seems like pitchers and catchers are often pretty good signers.  Or at least it sure seems that way.  This can be a blessing or a curse.  If it's a former starter, that probably means there are a bunch of cards out there to be signed, even for the most middling pitcher.  For a reliver, the prospects are less optimistic.  Especially in recent years, it seems like the middle innings guys are very hit or miss as to whether they'll make their way into a card set during a given year.

So enjoy some of my recent returns from the guys on the mount.
 The 1991 and 1987 sets are two of my favorite designs, and have a special place in my collection.  87 is my birth year, while '91 marked my first pack of cards, which my dad picked up for me during a trip to the gas station.
 I've been told that these strange markings somehow resemble letters.  I'm picking up an H, but that's about it.
 The spaceman finally did away with the "Earth" insciption he has added to all other autos I've sent to him.  I do love signed vintage.
And finally, a swift return from a very good signer who surprisingly I had never sent to before.  I may be strange, but part of me misses the early 90's Mariners logo, though it looked more like a gas station logo than a baseball team.

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