Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Other Colts

Now that I finally had some time to scan some non-Pirate cards, I'm on a bit of a posting frenzy here.  Should anyone actually be reading these, I apologize. 

Dave Giusti was a relief ace for the Pirates, and an overall good guy.  But he also happens to be featured with the Colt .45's on two awesome vintage pieces.  I had a couple Pirates cards I didn't have signed by Giusti, so it seemed like a great excuse to send these in the mail as well.
Being a jersey nerd, I really like the fact that his compact signature doesn't obscure the jersey in either of these photos.  It's certainly for the best that the team in Houston switched to a less...deadly...name, but like the Seattle Pilots, these cards are among my favorite oddball teams to get signatures of.

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