Friday, June 7, 2013

Morning Mail

It can be easy to take reliable signers for granted.  After all, how many cards do I really need of Fernando Vina or Frank Tanana?  But it's always fun to find those interesting, unique cards that you just know will look great signed.  And when that card is of a guy who you know is a reliable signer?  Even better.
 Pat Neshek is one of the best guys in the hobby, and type of player you can't help rooting for.  I already have some signed Twins cards in my collection, but when I found this Cognac parallel in a quarter box, it seemed worthy of another mailing.  The card looks amazing in person
And this one comes from the Wisconsin Woodchucks, a wood bat summer league.  It looks like they were doing some kind of anniversary set.  Kind of interesting to see Neshek pictured in what appears to be a more traditional pitching motion.

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