Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seeing Red

My non-baseball ttm collections are weak at best.  The vast majority of my non-baseball cards are from the 90's, and there simply aren't a ton of players from that period who sign ttm.

But occasionally I run across some cards that allow me to expand my collection a bit.

I actually pulled the ATFF card on the right from a blaster box in 05 or 06 (which also contained a Fridge Perry certified auto.  Woo!).  A few years later, I looked up the common players in the blaster to see who signed TTM.  Foley is a great signer, but I didn't want to use two stamps for a single card of a player who I knew almost nothing about.

Fast forward a couple years, and last month I was able to find not one but two different vintage football cards (at two different shows!) after a few years of looking through vintage fb dime boxes.  Off to the mailbox they went, and I must say it was worth the wait.  The cards look great in red sharpie.

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