Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning Mail

 I've been collecting TTM autographs for almost a decade now.  My first requests were sent out during spring training of 2004. 

Yet almost unfailingly, I continue to discover fairly significant players who are great signers...who have never found their way into my collection.

It's not oversight, per se.  My card collection spans from the late 80's forward, as does my baseball fandom.  I consider myself a student of the history of the game, but certain aspects just get lost.  So I was shocked to see both how good Ken Singleton was, and that I had never even thought to write for his autograph.

A few vintage dime cards and a surprise find of a 2012 Archives card later, and these beauties were back in my mailbox.

I love the vintage (and once again current) Orioles logo and helmet design, and these cards look great signed.  Another easy signer down, who knows how many more to do.

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